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Nova Scotia International Air Show To Stay In Yarmouth

snowbirds air show

Good news for the town of Yarmouth who hosted their first Nova Scotia International Air Show event last summer after years of the event taking place in Halifax.

The event ran during the September 6-7 weekend and an announcement which could be made this week is expected to confirm the same weekend dates for 2009.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate better this year, but nonetheless this is great news for Yarmouth as it appears the NSIAS has found a new permanent home. Stay tuned for more announcements as bigger and better things are expected for the show in 2009.

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  1. 1

    James M McRae said:

    With the Nova Scotia International Air Show coming to Yarmouth in 2009, an effort shoud be made to have the Canso aircraft from the Canadian Wartime Heritage Museum attend. Five different units operated Canso aircraft from the Yarmouth airport during Wold War II. Its appearance would provide a valuable attraction.

    Posted at 12:28 PM, on January 11 2009
  1. 2

    michael mc neil said:

    This will be my first airshow in yarmouth n.s. LOVE THE SNOWBIRDS, and the F18. I have been to several shows before, hope the weather is hot and sunny and the crowd is large and everything goes well. Michael

    Posted at 07:56 PM, on August 26 2009
  1. 3

    Wayne Spinney said:

    This will be a very special event for me- as one of the most beautiful jet fighters ever made will be in attendence-The F-86 Sabre in its famous Golden Hawks colors.I love all air craft and air shows , and am looking forward to this one in peticular as it is close to home.To those from away -A harty welcome to western N.S. also to the organisors and patisepents a greatbigthank you!

    Posted at 10:35 AM, on September 11 2009
  1. 4

    christian said:

    I think this is so ridiculous, Why hold this event in the most southern place in nova scotia! where the fog never seems to lift. I have been going to this event for as long as I can remember and Last year was the first year that i actually missed this event! It is so far out of the way I dont understand why anyone that has the same finical difficulties as I do would go all the way to Yarmouth! I have a suggestion, why not the Debert Airport! Its central to new newbrunswick and capebreaton and would bring much needed business to the area! All the people that I know have the same feeling as I who used to go to this event feel the same as I do!

    Posted at 08:15 AM, on March 28 2010
  1. 5

    Scott said:

    Airshow is back at Shearwater for the crowd, the flying display coming in from the Halifax airport, same as it was about 6 or 7 years ago.

    Only reason it went to Yarmouth last year is because they had one of the runways tore up at the Halifax airport, so they couldn't shut down their last remaining runway to commercial aircraft for the day for the exclusive use if the airshow. So for 2009, it was either Yarmouth, or no airshow (they could have gone to Greenwood I suppose).

    It was never intended that the airshow would remain in Yarmouth, and was only a 1yr thing.

    Posted at 06:13 PM, on July 30 2010

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